Fuel Cell Energy and Support Technology - Course # 282

This is a full-year course designed to introduce students to the science, technology, politics, and social issues involving fuel cell energy and the hydrogen infrastructure and economy. The course emphasizes hands-on operation of actual fuel cell systems and the theory behind fuel cell technology. Projects, presentations, research, writing, reading, and computer use are all components of this course. Students are also to maintain a daily journal of what they have done and learned in class, as well as a portfolio of materials and student work. Open to juniors and seniors only.

Refrences: Fuel Cell Systems Explained (Excerpt)
2006 Course Outline
Sample PowerPoint- Actual Student Work
Congressional Report - Hindenburg Disaster (1998)
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Ponaganset High School Performance Graduation Expectations:
Learner Outcomes Addressed From This Class

1.01: The student effectively communicates in standard English for a variety of purposes and audiences (oral and/or written format).
1.02: The student is able to communicate ideas and information of a scientific nature.
1.03: The student demonstrates an understanding of and applies the basic principles of the biological, earth, and/or physical sciences through use of a written lab report.
1.04: The student is able to communicate mathematically (orally and in writing).
2.01: The student demonstrates the ability to comprehend, process, and evaluate print, audio, or visual material.
2.02: The student will demonstrate the ability to comprehend, process, and evaluate print, audio, or visual material and utilize this information in a practical application.
5.01: The student utilizes creative thinking to be an effective problem-solver.
7.01: The student utilizes technology to locate, organize, and communicate information.
9.01: The student demonstrates initiative, responsibility, self-discipline, and perseverance in achieving success in all subjects.