Coast to Coast Biodiesel Demonstration Road Trip
3,000 miles using 100 % Biodiesel without refueling!

To download a report on our Biodiesel Pickup Project, please download this document (opens in new window).

President Bush’s State of the Union Address included the importance of developing renewable energy and the goal of reducing our national gasoline consumption by 20 % within the next ten years.  The use of alternative fuels including Hydrogen, Ethanol, and Biodiesel will be essential in meeting this goal.  Education and demonstration will be key components in promoting the use of these fuels in order to further their acceptance and widespread use.

At Ponaganset High School we are committed to the cause of renewable energy and have achieved several major renewable energy projects as outlined on other project pages.We now propose to demonstrate the viability of biodiesel by doing a coast to coast road trip, from Ponaganset High in Rhode Island to Los Angeles, California! To further demonstrate the feasibility of biofuels we propose completing that road trip on 100% biodiesel without refueling along the way!

With the right vehicle, calculations, and preparations this goal can be achieved.

Progress to date:

o     Received initial grant funding adequate to cover costs for the cross country trip including fuel, food, lodging etc. from the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources.

o      Received confirmation from Rhode Island State Police that the project meets all safety and legal requirements.  

o      Delta Consolidated Industries Sponsorship of 2 – 100 gallon aluminum auxiliary fuel tanks, pumps, and meters.

o      AAA Southern New England Sponsorship

Sponsorship is still needed for
Six-passenger Diesel Pickup with 1 ton pickup bed capacity.