Our Projects

Coast to Coast Biofuel Demonstration Project, 2007-Present

We plan on demonstrating the viability of biofuels and biodiesel by going coast to coast on 100% B100 biodiesel- nonstop, 3000 miles without refueling!

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Fuel Cell/Battery Electric Model T Conversion Project, 2005-Present

Information Coming Soon
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Protium, The World's First Fuel Cell Band, 2002-Present

Protium is a unique band that runs entirely on fuel cells. Traveling from various conventions, seminars, and other events such as Earth Day and a sustainable living fest, Protium is able to attract attention to alternative energy by taking your ears and mind for a ride. Click here to listen to protium.

PHS Fuel Cell Quadracycle, 2003

Fuel Cell Class started with the hopes of creating a Fuel Cell vehicle. The project guidelines were that it had to safely transport two people at a speed over 10 mph and stay within a $5,000 budget plus already available equipment. Students were each assigned the task of researching and designing a fuel cell vehicle that met the criteria, and a selection would be made to create the actual project. The selected design was proposed by a student using the Rhoades Car Quadracycle, essentially a 4-wheeled bicycle, as the vehicle platform.
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